EP Review: The Dollymops – Gap Year Tourists

The Dollymops 'Gap Year Tourists' Artwork

The Dollymops are an indie rock band from Oxford, with Sean Stevens leading the charge on vocals, Tom Hadfield on the guitar, Jacob Appleton supplying the Bass and last but not least Simon Calver filling out the four piece group on Drums. If you want to find out more about the band then check out this Interview I did with them a while back, and you can also check out this review I did of their previous release as well.

‘Plastic Proletariat’ has a lot of energy right off the bat, it’s bouncy and almost upbeat in a way I didn’t think a song called ‘Plastic Proletariat’ could be, it’s good though, quirky and engaging and I found myself thinking about this song because it really sticks in your head. I’ve reviewed The Dollymops before so I already knew I liked their music but they really go from strength to strength on this new EP.

‘Pied Piper’ another fast track, although this one is a little heavier on the bass and drums that the previous track but it’s another strong one, I didn’t touch on it in the previous track but god I love these vocals, Sean Stevens has such a distinctive and enjoyable voice that he just brings so much to this track. I also had this one stuck in my head, I’m sensing a pattern here, but yeah I feel like I’ll be thinking of this entire EP for a while after I’ve stopped listening to it, which I guess is the mark of good music.

‘Addicts’ slows things down just a touch, a more vibrant, reverberous track, but and it breaks up the EP real nice, we also get to hear Tom Hadfield’s voice as well during this track and get to see what his voice can bring to it. It’s a nice track, easy to follow and hard to forget, you get swept up in this one, the slower pace just kind of sweeping you up, I’d say it’s best listened to when you’ve got a moment, when you can just sit back and kind of experience it.

‘Gap Year Tourist’ is the title track of the EP and so it has a lot of responsibility and it doesn’t let The Dollymops down, it’s well paced and catchy and just a strong track to close on, not too fast and not too heavy, just a very evenly balanced track that finishes off a really strong EP. Make sure and get your ears round this track soon because you won’t want to miss it.

So that’s what I thought of The Dollymops new EP ‘Gap Year Tourists’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Bandcamp.


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