Single Review: Clark Twain – Fly High (Like Richard Branson)

Clark Twain 'Fly High (Like Richard Branson)' Artwork

Clark Twain is a new musical project from Clark Nowlin, an alt-pop musician from Austin, Texas. This new musical endeavour is scheduled to be fully launched in Autumn of 2018. Today I’ll be reviewing his new track which was released for Sir Richard Branson’s birthday.

‘Fly High (Like Richard Branson)’ opens fast with a rising sort energy, and some smashing vocals, that fit really well with the tone of the track. I kind of expected this to be a throwaway kind of track just because it was released for Richard Branson’s birthday but it’s actually a really good song and after listening to it i’m certainly excited to hear more from Clark Twain. It doesn’t rush along which I like about it, instead it just kind of builds at a leisurely pace, which considering the message throughout the track makes a lot of sense. I liked the sound bite interspersed through the music around the 3 minute mark, it was unexpected and a little strange but it added something to the track. It also trailed off to a nice little 8 bit theme that I really enjoyed.

So that’s what I thought about the new single from Clark Twain, and if you want to give it a listen yourself then check it out on Soundcloud and if you want to keep up to date with the artist then follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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