Single Review: Cocoa Futures – Big Time / Circus

Cocoa Futures singles 'Big Time' and 'Circus' Artwork

Cocoa Futures are a pop infused group from Tottenham, London made up of Greg Sanderson who provides the vocals for the group, Nick who is on Bass and Dave on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest tracks ‘Big Time’ and ‘Circus’.

‘Big Time’ in a few words is a good time, a tight track that you can really vibe with, strong synthy open made up of rises all falls and some nice percussive loops. The vocals also work really well, Greg Sanderson’s voice is soft and melodic but he’s not afraid to test it through the track. This track is very melodic and you could just sit in listen to it, and as someone who uses music to relax and mentally recharge this is the perfect track.

‘Circus’ is another strong vocal track, as I mentioned in the previous track review I use music to chill out and the way things have been going lately I need music like this in my life, it’s engaging and you can’t help but listen to it once you hear a few notes. Another strong track from a band that I’m disappointed I’m only hearing now.

So that’s what I thought of these two tracks from Cocoa Futures and if you want to check them out you can do that by clicking here and here. And while you’re doing that make sure and check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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