EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections

XTR HUMAN EP 'Reflections' Artwork

XTR HUMAN have been described as many genres, such as post punk or Shoegaze, my favourite is on their Facebook where they are described as Dystopian Indie, whatever genre they are XTR HUMAN are a three piece band from Berlin made up of Johannes Stabel on Guitar/Vocals, Marco Maccioni on Bass and Andrea Fusco on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest EP ‘Reflections’ which was released on released on September 10th 2018.

‘Immersive Spaces’ opens with some buzzing feedback, as a powerful few notes push forward, building in anticipation as the extended warbling synth sound rises the fades.

‘Disturbia’ has an excellent little guitar intro, that slowly has additional synth noises loaded on top to make it ever better. Overall this is a really gritty, deep song where every piece of it is something I could comment on, from the far off distorted vocals, to the bassline and percussion woven throughout but it all works to create a superb track.

‘True Lies’ bolts right out the gate, a lot of energy and drive, blaring guitars and a nice backup drumline that all merge into this track that’s packed full of so much, and it might be called ‘True Lies’ but to drop some truth on you, after hearing this album I wholeheartedly recommend this band, and that ain’t no lie…terrible puns aside, I seriously do suggest you give them a listen.

‘Courage’ more subdued than the previous track but still a strong track, still fast, and really well paced, slow enough after the previous one to give you a break, but fast enough to keep momentum going as you are coming to the end of the EP. I mentioned before about the vocals, I like the resonant echo quality they’ve got going on, it lends it a very unique quality.

‘Limelight’ has some tight, blaring guitars that lead us into another a vocal section, this has a clearer quality than the previous track, and it just gives them a chance to impress me more with the vocals like they’ve done with the instrumental section.

‘Reflections’ is the final track on the EP and after some strong entries it has a lot to live up to and it doesn’t disappoint, it sounds different to most of the other tracks on the EP however, slower for a start, more relaxed and atmospheric but its nice and certainly a great way to finish things off.

So that’s what I thought of XTR HUMAN and their EP ‘Reflections’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then pop on over to Bandcamp. And make sure and keep up to date with the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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