Album Review: Thanatoloop – Resilencia

Thanatoloop album ‘Resilencia' Artwork

Thanatoloop is a dark experimental project operated by Michel Leroy who is based out of La Serena, Chile. Thanatoloop has existed in some form or another since 1994 and today I’ll be reviewing the latest release Resilencia, or to give it its full name ‘Resilencia: resistencia y muerte en los días del capitalismo voraz’ which roughly translates to ‘Resilencia: resistance and death in the days of voracious capitalism’.

‘Intro’ opens with a vibrant, rising musical flare, that slowly merges with some other distinct noises, until we have a real ambient sound, around a minute thirty, a percussive rattling joins the medley and the track builds more. Even though it’s just a few more sounds with no vocals it was an interesting song and a nice introduction to the album. It built this sense of unease that I feel makes sense considering the album is about death and capitalism.

‘Resilencia’ opens with an electric buzz, that builds are develops throughout the track, the vocals also serve to add to the atmosphere and feel of the song that I discussed in the last track, eerie and haunting and perfect within the context of the song. This is a very mechanical track, which makes sense considering the whole industrial aspect of capitalism.

‘San Sename’ starts with percussive bursts, that lead into some harmonies and dark vocals, very unsettling, but it really works with the track, you feel the tension throughout quite strongly. Overall it’s a fairly simple track, only a few more sounds but it has a very profound effect which I don’t think can be ignored.

‘Calma’ a more synthy track, and a little different from the previous entries on this album, but still a kind of spooky vibe, if a little more quirky about it. But overall I don’t get the same feel from this track as I did from the others, it breaks up the album quite well and it’s a really good track but it feels slightly out of place. Although the track does translate to calm, so perhaps this was meant as the calm in the midst of all the other tracks.

‘Nada’ opens with a nice little drumbeat, fairly normal, even once the music starts to shift, it still hasn’t quite captured the unsettling vibe from earlier….and then it does. It starts with the vocals, it’s more than he’s kind of talking quietly than singing that adds to the whole feeling but the musical cues really help to build it.

‘Falsa Factual’ this one however gets the feeling going early, a trilling little intro, with cracking and whispering and various other sound effects thrown in, it really gives off this vibe of suspense and you start to feel a pricking on the back of your neck, again the almost whispered vocals really ratchet up the tension levels.

‘Expresiones’ shakes things up a little, softer acoustic guitars and what sounds like a glockenspiel/xylophone, and you wouldn’t think that could be menacing but add orchestral group chanting to the sounds and becomes instantly more alarming. But it also works really well, this is the part of the album where it counters the unrest built into the rest of the alarm, it has the answer to how to deal with the unsettling environment of the capitalist world, love and empathy, which I think also comes through in the song.

‘Diluido’ is the last track on the album and after all the other tracks I had no idea what to expect but it’s another interesting track that has a lot of unique elements, including the building feedback sounds of the intro, but is greater than the sum of its parts because it’s more about the feeling and the mood behind it.

So that’s what I thought of the Thanatoloop album ‘Resilencia’ which you can check out for yourself on Bandcamp. And make sure to follow Thanatoloop on Facebook to keep up to date.


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