Music Review: Second Hand Arms Dealer – Demo Tracks

Second Hand Arms Dealer

Second Hand Arms Dealer are a three piece punk rock band from Bristol who take influence from bands like Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Chilli’s, Sex Pistols. They are made up of Jordan Shortman on Guitar, Joe Spurrell on Bass/Vocals and Sam Schofield on Drums.

‘Living’ has a strong, percussive focused intro, that quickly adds some blaring guitars into the mix, it’s a song that is slow but not without drive, and the vocals are also impressive, and the vocalist can find that fine line between singing and shouting, he hits the sweet spot and pulls off some awesome things with his voice.

‘Political Puppets’ comes out fast, with some tight guitar build up, and another strong vocal entry, I love the tune of this track, and had it stuck in my head. Make sure and really listen to the lyrics in this one, it shows that it’s not just nice sounding, but cleverly worded as well. Yeah I’ll definitely be singing this for weeks afterwards, it’s just really quick and catchy, and memorable.

‘100MPH’ is slower than I was expecting, but it’s well paced all around, with a nice but subdued intro, that leads into some of the best vocals of all the demo tracks. A lot happens in this track, but it never gets to be too overwhelming, instead it finds a nice balance and instead we just get a song that’s complex but enjoyable.

‘Balance’ is another slower track, softer guitars and a more melodious vocal addition, but it really works, and if you are listening to all of the demo tracks together like I have and I suggest you do then it really ties them all together, and shows the varying style of the band and what they can do.

So that’s what I thought of the demo tracks from Second Hand Arms Dealer and if you want to check them out for yourself then visit them on Soundcloud. And if that wasn’t good enough you can also follow them on their Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the band.


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