Single Review: Joshua KYEOT – S-Block

Joshua KYEOT

Joshua KYEOT is a British/Ghanaian singer-songwriter who is based in South London who’s music takes influence from Jazz, pop and rock music. Today I’ll be reviewing his latest release ‘S-Block’ which is off his upcoming EP ‘She Loves Me Not’.

‘S-Block’ opens with a tight little bassy intro, and Kyeot’s vocals, he has a voice that’s powerful, clear and melodious, and as the song moves into the first minute he shows he can handle both slow and fast vocals, he could deliver or a ballad or a fast and loose punk track or rap, not every vocalist can manage both so I’m impressed. This was maybe the second or third track that was submitted to me via Instagram and so far they’ve all been good, this track is head and shoulders above the rest though, some sweet guitar sections, a lot of energy and a vocalist that knows exactly what he’s trying to do. I think my favourite part of the track though was the subtle fade out, a great way to end a great track.

So that’s what I thought about Joshua KYEOT and his new single ‘S-Block’ which you can check out on Soundcloud. And make sure and support the artist by following him on Facebook and Twitter.


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