EP Review: Nova Flares – Self-titled EP

Nova Flares EP Artwork

Nova Flares is a solo musical project from Jason Wagers, he is from Berea, Kentucky and performs Surf-gaze, although on Facebook he also classifies his music as neo-psych and Indie pop. Today I’ll be reviewing his debut self-titled EP which was released 1st June 2018 and you can find it below via the link at the end of the review.

‘Summer Colors’ opens with beautiful, resonant guitars that build and break out fully around the minute mark, it’s a nice track, that to me straddles the upbeat and the melancholy, a bit undecided, a bit like my last few summers to be honest. Dumb jokes aside this is a nice piece of music that, is slow and just really takes you places, now when I listen to music, especially for review I listen a few times, once while chilling out and another while out and about and active and usually I find the right way to listen to it that compliments the song but this one kinda goes with both, truly a song for all seasons, not just summer.

‘Careless Caress’ I mentioned that the previous track wasn’t quite one thing or another, this one is more decidedly in the upbeat category, its filled with more of an energy to it and I’m really liking this track in particular. This one I found was better if you’re maybe not being active but just outside, I listened to it while sitting in the garden, early in the morning when the sun was peeking out and the birds were darting around above me and was the perfect soundtrack to that moment, so maybe get out into the wilderness, or even just your back garden like I did and enjoy this track.

‘Gut Splinter’ opens with some light percussion, before a warping and reverbed guitar breaks through, its an impressive sound that kind of shakes the track up a little before it sinks back into a nice and simple drum section. I think so far I like this track the most, something about the vibrant, sweeping notes and the simple drum solo really work well.

‘Krokodil Tears’ I was excited to hear this track because I liked the title and I wasn’t let down, it starts off with cymbals like spurs, and flaring almost country inspired guitars that all go together to create this really distinct sound and verbal aesthetic.

‘Ghost Only Wishes’ explodes out, different from all the other tracks on the album, this one is jammed packed with energy and is the most conventional track on the album, its a strong entry and a good one to finish the EP on, I enjoyed it immensely and I feel that it showed another side to Nova Flares.

So that’s what I thought of Nova Flares EP and if you want to get a copy for yourself then check out Bandcamp. And if you want to keep up do date with Nova Flares then check him out on Facebook and Twitter.


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