EP Review: In the Company of Souls – When Society Falls

In the Company of Souls EP 'When Society Falls' Artwork

In the Company of Souls are a hip-hop/rock duo from the Scottish borders and today I’ll be reviewing their latest EP ‘When Society Falls’ which was released on April 15th 2018.

‘Dog Whistle Politics’ opens with drums and what can only be described as a funky beat, I liked it, unexpected and works really well with the lyrics rattling out like bullets. ‘Dog Whistle Politics’ has a lot of energy to it, and it’s a song full of challenge and directness. I tend to get little riffs stuck in my head and this one has a catchy and memorable one, but honestly the entire song is likely to get stuck in my head.

‘Rise From The Ashes’ is well paced guitars, that lead into drums which build in speed and intensity alongside the vocals, which are clear, powerful and don’t waste a single word. Much like the previous track this one has a clear message and a real air of challenge to it.

‘The Depletion Ritual (This is a Warning)’ is a little slower, at least initially but it has some of the best lines on the EP, and again I have to admire and comment on the care that went into the lyrics. Getting away from that though, the song is fairly simple, but it really works for this track and the melody or rhythm of the track is really catchy as well.

‘King Of The Unknown’ has a warbling, discordant synth intro, that really fits with what I was expecting from the title, but that gives way to clear, fast spoken vocals backed up by some impressive guitar work. I think if I had to choose this would be my personal favourite on the album, it’s a little quirky, got a lot of interesting things and it’s just all around a strong track.

‘Champion’ is off like a shot, I always admire anyone that can throw out lines like this, all speed, effortlessness and to be honest cool. And this song probably more than any other embodies all that skill. It really rounds off the EP really well.

So that’s what I thought of the latest release ‘When Society Falls’ from the band In the Company of Souls and you can check that out on Bandcamp. And you can support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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