EP Review: My Own Co-Pilot – Textures

My Own Co-Pilot 'Textures' Artwork

My Own Co-Pilot was Formed in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Michal Kosinski, and combines classic emo and alternative rock music. Michal wrote and recorded the music for My Own Co-pilot alongside vocalist Derrek Siemieniuk. Today I’ll be reviewing their debut EP ‘Textures’ which was released on July 14, 2018.

‘Exit You’ opens with some nice percussion and is quickly joined by some strings, a nice little well built intro, the song goes up a notch when the vocals kick it, both the melodious parts and the screamo parts, they both lend a different quality to this first track on the EP. I do have to mention though that the vocalist is very talented and I enjoy his voice, and he is well backed up by the strong instrumental sections which are heavy and built up when they need to be and lighter and more mellow as well to provide a nice counterpoint.

‘When The Missing Return’ opens with a hammering bassline, that supports some more powerful vocals that oscillate really well between singing and some truly impressive screamo. I think this track is one that’s great for enhancing the mood you’re already in, I always found that with this type of music and this track really confirms that. All in all ‘When The Missing Return’ is another impressive track from My Own Co-Pilot.

‘This Crying’ another track with strong vocals, and powerful lyrics. But it’s by no means let down by the instrumental sections which are well composed, complex at times and pure and simple at others and, both elements of the track work together well to create a great song, a clear indicator that Michal Kosinski and Derrek Siemieniuk work really well together. A personal highlight for this track was the light smattering of keys played towards the end, it was subtle but enjoyable.

‘Remembering’ opening with tuning static, and a little soundbite before exploding into a tight drum that’s a true show stealer in terms of quality. This is a nice track to close out the EP on, it shows off the best qualities of all the tracks that came before it, and it’s also just a really strong track and I enjoyed hearing it.

So that’s what I thought of My Own Co-Pilot’s debut EP ‘Textures’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then pop on over to Spotify. And while you’re at it follow My Own Co-Pilot on Facebook.


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