Album Review: Danny Mortimer – Anything But Silent

Danny Mortimer 'Anything but Silent' Artwork

Danny Mortimer is a singer-songwriter from Scotland, and I’ll be reviewing his latest album ‘Anything But Silent’ which was released on April 17th 2018. It features Danny Mortimer who runs the gamut and plays Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards and Synths and he is joined by Jack Nicolson who’s part of his live band, and he plays drums.

‘Polaroid’ is a very short track, but a very powerful one, heavy piano keys, that radiate through the track, backed up by lighter notes, and subtle percussion, it’s a nice introduction to the album and a strong track on it’s own.

‘Opener’ instantly very different from the previous track, with explosive guitars, that race us through the intro, and supported by Danny Mortimer’s voice which goes well with the building guitars and drums, he has a voice that’s deep, but can reach the high notes as well, something I envy greatly. I enjoyed the instrumental parts of this but the true standout for the track are the vocal sections which are just brilliant.

‘Through The Sound’ is just as fast as the previous track, in fact it has a whole lot of energy up front, although it does find a kind of resting point midway though the song, where it maintains a certain level of intensity. This track is just a little bit softer than the previous one, but it’s good, I love the echoing vocals and the tight guitar sections that really make the song what it is.

‘The Best In Everything’ opens with percussion, that runs through the entire track, merging with the guitars and eventually the vocals…it truly is the best of everything. This track, even more so than ‘Opener’ shows off the strength of the vocals, and of all the tracks so far this track gives the drums a chance to really shine as well.

‘Anything But Silent’ is the title track on the album, and its much slower to start off with than the previous tracks, although it very quickly builds and what a build it is, a fusion of noises that then give way to a simpler, quieter instrumental backing as Danny Mortimer sings us through the song, with more top notch vocals.

‘Take It All Away’ just kind of blasts off, with the guitar and drums kind of fighting each other throughout the first 34 odd seconds till Mortimer starts singing, and then they support him throughout the rest of the track. More strong drum sections in this track by the way, light but well used.

‘Home (Featuring Lauren Black)’ has a softer acoustic guitar intro, and Mortimer has is accompanied by Lauren Black this time, her voice works well with him own and adds a lot to this track. I think this track is my favourite on the album, because it’s simple, sweet and honest.

So that’s what I thought of Danny Mortimer’s latest Album ‘Anything But Silent’ which you can check out on Bandcamp. And if you want to keep up to date with Danny Mortimer then follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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