EP Review: Mwydu – Ymyriadau Effeithiol

Mwydu Album 'ymyriadau effeithiol' Artwork

Mwydu is the creative musical vision of Kelvyn Williams who describes himself as a Welshman making sounds in England, more specifically he is currently based in Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire.

‘Ffwydrad Cyw Iâr Melys’ is an interesting track right off the back, for a start google translate tells me that it translates to English as ‘Sweet Chicken Flavour’, now I’m not sure how accurate that is but from that alone I’d be interested in that track. Another thing is that from opening the track has this nice distortion which makes all the music sound backwards, its unique and worked surprisingly well. This is overall a really decent track, it shows off his skill musically quite well and is a nice introduction to the kind of thing Mwydu is trying to do.

‘Ymyriadau Effeithiol’ has a strong synthy opening that goes on and builds, nice little feeling of anticipation and almost dread because of the key on the note, it’s another interesting audio exploration, just when the note is stretched to almost breaking point on its own, some light percussive noises join the long extended dread building sound and eventually replace it. Once its just the more percussive sound, the track takes on a more industrial feel, like the sound of working machines, but just when you get used to that it changes things up again. Another track that plays with sound really well to give a distinct feel and effect.

‘Gosteg’ opens with clock chimes, which to me always make me think of horror and frights, so I maybe came into this song with expectations, but much like the previous track played around with dread, this also captured a mood of suspense really well. I liked the warbling synth notes and atmospheric whooshing noises, they all buildup this mental picture, side note all these tracks are better listened to with eyes closed, headphones on and imaginations active and you’ll go for a wild ride.

‘Collwn Fel Collwyr’ opens with a distorted sound bite and then an ongoing loop of jangling, synthy notes, which again possibly because of the previous two tracks, make me think of suspense and horror. It’s a nice feeling though and I enjoy any piece of music that evokes an actual reaction and this certainly manages that, and without any real words/lyrics it’s even more impressive.

‘Baw’ is blaring feedback and noise that jolts you up, especially after the slower track, it batters through another instrumental track, that plays around with the established noise, rising and falling, and just showing off exactly what can be done. It’s a nice experiment musically, and just when it might be getting a bit much, some electronic drums kick in to join the feedback noise and more of a track is built. It’s truly amazing though what Mwydu can do with just a few sounds, and I thoroughly recommend you give this a listen.

So that’s what I thought of Mwydu and his EP ‘Ymyriadau Effeithiol’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then check out on Bandcamp. And if you want to keep up to date with Mwydu then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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