EP Review: FairFollies – Self-titled EP

FairFollies EP Artwork

FairFollies are a Scottish Indie/Folk band made up of Craig Salter on Guitar/Vocals, Justin Caselton on Bass/Vocals, Rhiannon Garrity on Keys/Vocals and Kevin Dunne on Percussion. Today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled EP which was released on the 23rd February 2018.

‘Velvet and Blue’ has an amazing bassy intro, that is backed up by some light percussion and then lastly guitars, which works really well, it’s like the track is slowly unfolding and building on top of itself as it progresses. Rhiannon Garrity’s voice is amazing, light and lilting and Scottish, and just a treat to hear. This track has an almost dream like quality to it, I think it might just be the speed, its slow and but well paced and almost gentle for the most part throughout, but either way It’s a really strong track, and as both my introduction to the band and the EP, it has successfully grabbed my attention and made sure I’ll keep an eye out for the band in the future.

‘Tommy’ opens with some soft, melodious keys that carry us through the intro, until we are picked up by some more more upbeat guitars, and more of Garrity’s wonderful vocals, I’ve had this track stuck in my head for days, and not just because it’s my name, its also just a melancholic and soulful tune that you just can’t help but let wash over you.

‘Part of this Place’ has more energy than the previous two track, those were thinking songs, this has more of a challenge, more action to it and it works well and shows me more range in FairFollies, music and style. The harmonies between Garrity and Justin Caselton are a strong feature of this track, also like the previous entry on this EP ‘Part of this Place’ gets stuck in your head, something about the rhythm really sticks in the mind.

‘Side by Side’ has song long, drawn out chords that are pardon the pun, music to the ears. They resonate and even with nothing else they draw you in, and then the track builds up again slowly, just assembling itself. I think if forced to pick a favourite it’d be this one, in an EP packed with great tracks, this one has the most impressive vocals and has everything else I liked about the EP condensed into 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

So that’s what I thought of FairFollies self-titled EP which you can check out on Bandcamp. And you can keep up to date with the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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