Single Review: Nax / The Churchhill Garden – Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)

Nax/The Churchill Garden single 'Atrapado (En El Ambar Eterno) Artwork

Nax are an Argentinian based band made up of Nicolás Castello, Juan Marcos Hernández, Nicolás Garimano and Gabriel Hernández. I’ve previously reviewed them and you can check that here. The Churchhill Garden a.k.a Andy Jossi is an Indie guitar pop/new wave/Shoegaze musician based in Switzerland. Today I’ll be reviewing a collaborative track they’ve done together called ‘Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)’ and you can check that out below.

‘Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)’ opens slowly, with a building melody, that makes me think of ice and all things cold, it’s certainly captured my attention. It’s exactly the kind of song I like that can say everything or nothing depending upon your mood, it doesn’t force you to pay attention by being loud or heavy, instead it just kind of weaves its way toward you and you end up just really feeling the track. If you like tracks that set a mood then Atrapado is one for you, it’s just six minutes of deeply engrossing melody with occasional vocals that add to the overall track. The fact that it isn’t vocal heavy also adds this mental image I have, being somewhere frozen and far from anywhere and just watching the world. I imagine i’m maybe at the top of Mount Everest, which is probably about as close as I’ll get but regardless this track was a real experience and you should give it a listen.

So that’s what I thought of ‘Atrapado (En el ámbar eterno)’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then you can do that by visiting Bandcamp. If you want to keep up with Nax then you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website.


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