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Top 10: JonTron Videos

Jon Jafari or JonTron is an American Internet personality, who reviews video games, Movies and Television shows on in YouTube channel, he is well known for his comedic take on reviewing and his over the top and exaggerated reactions. He has come under fire lately for some comments he has made and while I neither support nor agree with those opinions I have to admit that I miss having his content show up on my YouTube feed, so with that in mind I thought I’d make this Top 10 list so I could discuss my favourite JonTron videos. You can also check out my Top 10 lists for Jon’s time on Game Grumps as well, click here to read about the best One-Offs and here for the best extended Playthroughs.

1. Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPEWaterproofing My Life With Flex TapeSo the Flextape episode sweeps the first place spot, I thought long and hard about this one but when it comes to comedy I look for three things, quotability, genuine laughter and rewatchability and this episode has all those three in bucket loads. It also has some of the best JonTron reactions in recent memory, and since it came right before his hiatus I tend to go back to it quite a lot.

2. The Weird World of PSAsThe Weird World of PSAsI love this episode, its something of an anomaly to the usual JonTron style, mainly because he’s talking directly to the camera, I mean he presents to camera in most, if not all the episodes but this felt more personal. You watch it and it feels like you and he are just kind of watching the clips together rather than him presenting them, it was something a little different and I enjoyed it. Also this has some of the most honest and unedited responses I’ve seen in all his videos.

3. Apples and GrapesApples and GrapesOkay, so this episode is a little confusing if you don’t know JonTron’s channel or his relationship with PeanutButterGamer, in fact the title of the video doesn’t even tell you what game JonTron plays/reviews in the episode, which is My Sims just in case you were curious. But its funny, in a kind of unplanned and thrown together way, but what’s clear is the friendship between the two and just how much fun they can have just making stuff together. Also the titular ‘Apples and Grapes’ scene in particular had be in stitches.

4. TitenicTitenicTitenic is a really great episode, JonTron’s comedy tends to come from his reactions, usually a game is either so difficult or baffling it sends him off on a rant, and Titenic doesn’t let you down. The video opens to a strong narrative before Jon also actually sits down to play the game, which I enjoyed. Finally it spawned this song, which I am unashamed to say is on my Spotify playlist and I listen to regularly.

5. Clock TowerClock TowerIsn’t just a really strong episode, well worthy of being on this list but it also introduced me to a fantastic game that ranks pretty highly on my list of favourite games as well, but that’s a different list. Clock Tower, has plenty of those classic and funny JonTron reactions, particularly the opening the curtain scene which always catches me off guard, I guess because of the honest and extremeness of his response.

6. The Zoo RaceZoo RaceThis was going to be funny regardless, because this game is just bonkers, but somehow out of all of it JonTron manages to deliver. My personal favourite thing in the episode was the horse that was way too eager to get in the canon.

7. Are You Afraid of the Dark? 1/2Are You Afraid of the DarkOkay so this is technically two episodes but they are a two-parter and are best watched together to I lumped them together for this entry. Anyway I loved Are You Afraid of the Dark? as a kid and watching this really got me nostalgic but its also an incredibly funny episode that pokes fun at the Canadian-American horror anthology series, and has by far one of the funniest and best openings on his channel, which was the right mix of absurd and referential.

8. California GamesCalifornia GamesI don’t know why I liked this video so much, objectively their are probably “better” videos on his channel but for some reason I really like this one, for a start it has the origin of the word ‘swood’ which as well all know changed the course of human history, it’s also the only video to date with a shark, with or without a top hat, so I’ll admit I’m a little partial but honestly it’s just a nice video, to actively watch or have on in the background.

9. Takeshi’s ChallengeTakeshi's ChallengeOh god I want to play this game, its crazy difficult, nonsensical and the face behind it Takeshi Kitano even mocked anyone who actually completed it but it looks so bizarre and fun that It would be worth wasting a couple of hours on. JonTron’s video is great because he genuinely seems so bamboozled by the game, I mean you can shoot the wind for god sake. And regardless of how many times you watch the video its still entertaining.

10. Food Games 1/2Food GamesOkay so another entry that’s technically two videos but again they need to be watched together so I felt it was okay to bundle them together. Anyway even though it’s last on this list this is a great video, and it beat out some other top notch videos for it’s spot on my top 10. Food Games is funny, and is truly JonTron as his best, even though he’s essentially just showing us some branded games from industry titans like Burger King and Captain Crunch while eating a lot of McDonald’s. A personal highlight of the video is the entire scene between him and his food slave? Grimbo who bears a near copyright level of similarity to Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

honourable mentions go to Disney Bootlegs, Hercules Games and Conan the Barbarian which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

So those were my Top 10 favourite JonTron Videos and if you want to check out his channel and find your own favourites then head on over this his YouTube, and make sure and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates from JonTron.


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