Single Review: Rival Bones – Scars / The Great Divide

Rival Bones singles 'Scars' and 'The Great Divide' Artwork

First off let me tell you a little about Rival Bones, they are a Liverpool based, two man, hard rock outfit, and those two men are James Whitehouse who plays Guitar and provides vocals and then we have Chris Thomason on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing two singles they’ve released ‘Scars’ which was followed up a few weeks later by ‘The Great Divide’ and both of which were released in early 2018. I’ve also previously reviewed their self titled EP and if you want to read that then check it out here.  

‘Scars’ has a really well paced guitar intro, that works well to support the strong, distinct vocals of James Whitehouse. And just when it seems kind of settled into a rhythm they kick it up a notch, and it just gets so much better. I would love to hear this track live, especially see how Whitehouse’s tight vocals translate to a live audience. But overall ‘Scars’ is a great little track that doesn’t pull any punches, its clear and not overstated.

‘The Great Divide’ really does pair up well with ‘Scars’ because it really shows more than one side to Rival Bones, I’m a fan of intros that grab you from the beginning and ‘The Great Divide’ does just that, I had this stuck in my head, and it’s just such a good track, its nothing specific, its just a well put together track that really opens you up to the style of the band. And it gives the vocalist a chance to really give it a go, and give us a show. It flows well from point to point, never jarring but keeps you engaged. The Great Divide may be called but I don’t think opinions will be divided when I say that it’s an absolutely brilliant track.

So that’s what I thought of Rival Bones and their two new singles and if you want to check them for yourself then go here and here. And if you want to keep up to date with the band then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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