Single Review: You Know the Drill – Snake Eyes

You Know the Drill 'Snake Eyes' Artwork

You Know the Drill are a four piece pop punk outfit from Birmingham made up of Luke Astley on Guitar/Vocals, Benji Yapp on Vocals, Damo Darby on Bass and Brad Potter on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing the single ‘Snake Eyes’ from their new EP ‘Selfhood’.

‘Snake Eyes’ just explodes and from the get go you get a clear picture of the band, this was the first track I heard from them and it’s a great micro-climate of their skill and passion and drive. Snake Eyes is heavy on the drums, in fact the entire thing is a furious charge of noise and focus and it just works so well, but they’ve also managed to avoid the lead singer being drowned out which not every musician takes into consideration. I like ‘Snake Eyes’ it’s a song that packs a punch and you definitely feel sorry that it only clocks in a 2 minute and 45 seconds.

So that’s what I thought of You Know the Drill and their single ‘Snake Eyes’ and you can check out the track on Youtube. You can also check out the track on Spotify, and while I’m at it don’t miss the rest of the album which you can check out here. And if you want to keep up to date with the band then make sure and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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