Music Review: Savona – Demo Tracks

Savona Promo Image

Savona are an indie hip-hop fusion outfit from Glasgow and today i’ll be reviewing some tracks they have available on YouTube.

‘Green Or Blue Don’t Matter’ kicks off right away, a smooth guitar supporting some sweet vocals, that get even better when they harmonise. The faster rap based sections change up the song and give it a different edge. But throughout its just a great track, and definitely a good little intro to the group as a whole.

‘Fuck Off’ I don’t often review live recordings because often they can be poor quality and its always someone else’s angle of what’s important as a viewer/listener, but I liked this, because even before the track really starts you get to hear the crowd and and their interaction and its just not an experience I get as often as I’d like. Once the track starts though is when the show really gets going, fast driven acoustic guitar, and more strong vocals sections. This track has a really sweet track, I’d say it’s quotable but if I sing this out in the street I might get knocked out, but still its catchy and certainly gets the audience involved. The rap sections again add a little something to the track, and balance out the singing sections quite well plus this track has a mouth harp, which I love so that alone gets a big thumbs up from me.

‘Past Comes Callin’ is the only track of the three not recorded live, and it’s a nice change, going from seeing them live, fresh and raw to this. It certainly doesn’t lose anything in the transition, in fact it really gives the vocalist a chance to shine, and I’ve already said it but I’m a fan of this guitarist, really knows how to play, especially to back up the vocals. Also good thing about this track is lyrics are attached for those who struggle with the Scottish accent or the speed of the rap sections. And in particular I have to applaud the rap section here because without the distractions and extra noise of the live setting you can hear him much clearer and really appreciate his parts.

So that’s what I thought of the demo tracks from Savona and if you want to check them out for yourself then pop on over to Youtube. And while you’re at it support the band and keep up to date with them by following them on Facebook.


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