Solo Musician Interview: Minches

Minches Photo

Where are you from?
I was found floating on top of a massive inflatable duck raft at the following coordinates: Latitude: 58.048819 | Longitude: -5.965576

I have no recollection of my origin (Fife, Scotland).

How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)?
2 years, that’s when I was found.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?
8-bit rap metal pop, neebur.

What are your influences?
soondies, and things that make me go “YASSSS!”

Do you do covers and if so what’s your go to?
yeah I do covers:
C    closely
O    observe
V    very
E    entertaining
R    rituals
S    someone please buy Murray from Twin Heart a Twix

The last cover I did live was Pink Guy ‘STFU’. I’m probably blacklisted from that venue now.

Do you have a process for writing your songs?
Usually starts with a tune I’ll start humming while doing a mundane task (like breathing), although I’ve built songs up surrounding a concept before. I’m always jotting down notes. Inspiration is unpredictable, much like my facial movements.

Do you have any interesting/funny stories about gigging or touring?
Last year I performed half-time at a wrestling event. I had to hang out ringside during the next match and was almost c***ed by one of the guys.
This would have marked the end of Minches.

The islands I mean. I’d be fine.

What song do you remember most from your childhood?
Floating on top of a massive inflatable duck raft at the following coordinates:  
Latitude: 58.048819 | Longitude: -5.965576.

I was probably a sound bairn.

What has been your biggest challenge as a performer? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so then how?
Promoters sometimes expect a band (or an actual rapper) when they book me, then they’re usually pleasantly surprised at the energy and technical precision that I bring, so it balances out. You really need to give it all, but that’s the beauty of it and it’s a reciprocating process.

Fun fact: I only know of the word ‘reciprocating’ because I played ‘Robot Wars’ on PS2.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
1.. Search ‘Minches’ on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, ITunes, Deezer etc.

Have you released anything yet/if you have then how has it gone down and are you planning anything for the near future?
I have a 5-track EP

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?
I think it’s more about the soondies, but my favourite venue I’ve played so far is Monty’s Rock Bar in Dunfermline.

Do you have any upcoming shows?
Whole bunch of Scottish shows in October/November that I’ll be announcing soon.

What do you think about downloading music online?
Pros and cons.

What’s your outlook on the record industry today?
Shrouded in beautiful turmoil, pandora’s box vibe.

And let’s end with something a little different…Which famous person, alive or dead, would you have dinner with and why?
gmcfosho (look him up and you’ll know) so we can film it for a ridiculous collaboration.


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