Single Review: AY Wing – Ice Cream Dream

AY Wing 'Ice Cream Dream' single Artwork

AY Wing is a Swiss born singer-songwriter who is currently based between three cities, namely London, Berlin and Zurich. AY Wing makes powerful beat driven synth-pop and today I’ll be talking about their new single ‘Ice Cream Dream’ which was released in Spring 2018.

‘Ice Cream Dream’ for the purposes of clarity the version I went for is from the deluxe edition because I don’t cheap out where Ice Cream is involved…dream or otherwise. Anyway now that I’ve got my awful joke out of the way let’s begin. ‘Ice Cream Dream’ has a really funky synth opening, that starts things off just right, and I do have to add that the vocals are clear, well executed and the singer has a great voice. Also of all the songs I’ve reviewed today which is about 15, this one got stuck in my head the most, and a catchy song is a good song in my book. Its deceptively simple and just works really well.

So that’s what I thought about AY Wing and their single ‘Ice Cream Dream’ which you can check out on Spotify and if you want to keep up to date with AY Wing then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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