Album Review: Hypnossoma – Self-titled album

Hypnossoma self-titled album artwork

Hypnossoma are a psychedelic rock outfit from London and today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled album which was released on July 31st 2018.

‘Hear The Call’ powerful blaring noise that gives way to a transcendent blend of sounds that managed to sound busy without being overwhelming. It also played around with speed, and let’s you rise with it before drifting deep into the track. This is one of those tracks I’ve talked about before where the best way to experience it is just to sit back, close your eyes and experience it.

‘Cold Water’ has a nice building intro, and again what I like most about the track is that it’s lots of things layered on top of each other until you’ve got this awesome blend of different musical things but it’s not too much it just gives you this nice bed of rhythm and sound to sway along too, I’ve found that a lot of songs I like you can sway to instead of dancing and this is one of them, and not just because I don’t like dancing. This track has some really nice drops and fades, I like music that isn’t the same all the way through but isn’t jarring in its transitions.

‘Context’ is slower initially than the previous two tracks and the vocals are a little clearer and more obvious on this track, and I can say that I like it. The muted voices really support the psychedelic sound. Also this song is great to work to, it’s mellow and fairly subtle and is a great little piece to have on while you’re writing.

‘Bullet Brain’ I really liked the title and I also liked the track, a bit faster after the previous track and it has a nice bassy edge that really adds something to the track. One of the shorter tracks on the album but a really great piece altogether and a great bridge between the two halves of the album.

‘Powder Keg’ really comes out running, a lot of energy went into the track, no more swaying, I’ve moved onto bobbing my head now. Joking aside I did like this track, it has great forward drive and some excellent percussive sections, in fact I think this is probably my favourite track on the album.

‘Bleak Eye’ is very different from the previous track so much so I listened to it a couple times to really take it on, it has a nice rising, cyclical melody and some more really great vocal sections. There is a guitar section about a minute and a half in that is fantastic, warbly and resonate and very much what I think of as psychedelic but absolutely fantastic.

‘Rainfall’ is the last track on the album and it’s again very different from the previous track, tight percussion and strings carry us in, I will admit I wouldn’t immediately connect this track with the others on the album but it’s a nice addition nonetheless. And I really do think it’s a great closer to this album.

So that’s what I thought of Hypnossoma and their self-titled album which you can check out on Bandcamp. And you can support the band by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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