EP Review: The Fullbug – Black Hole Syndrome

The Fullbug EP 'Black Hole Syndrome' Artwork

The Fullbug are a four piece New School Rock ‘n’ Roll group from the heart of Tel-Aviv, Israel. They are made up of Lavy Josephsohn on Guitars/Vocals, Nadav Dori on Guitars/Vocals, Alon Men on Bass and Assaf ‘Jessi’ Dori on Drums.

‘Blood Bath’ is a powerful tune right off the bat with fast, harsh guitars that back up some incredible vocals and just blend together to make something really great. I would so love to hear this song live, so if I’m ever going to Tel-Aviv or if The Fullbug guys would like to come to Scotland then I’d jump at the chance to see them.

‘Natural Downer’ is a little slower, but it still doesn’t pull any punches, it’s like The Fullbug can’t help but bring it all with their songs. This one has some nice rises and falls in it though, and it really shakes things up. Natural Downer is a strong contender for my favourite track on the EP.

‘Lately’ changes things up again, but nonetheless they still deliver, and it’s clear now that The Fullbug just perform the type of Rock ‘n’ Roll that fills whatever space its in whether it be a room, or a stadium.

‘Break Ground’ is the last track on the EP and it slows things down a lot, but it just gives the band a chance to show a different side to their music, and I especially liked the vocal harmonies which added something to this track and clinched this track as my favourite on the EP.

So that’s what I thought of The Fullbug’s EP ‘Black Hole Syndrome’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then visit Spotify. And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the band.


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