Single Review: Nax – Partida / Ahora que no estás

Nax singles 'Partida' and 'Ahora que no estas' Artwork

NAX are a musical group based in Buenos Aires, Argentina made up of Nicolás Castello, Juan Marcos Hernández, Nicolás Garimano and Gabriel Hernández. According to their press release they’ve been around since 2009, although they only started playing live in 2010. I will be reviewing their new tracks ‘Partida’ and ‘Ahora Que no Estas’ which were both released in February 2018.

‘Partida’ has a slow start, atmospheric and beautiful, resonant in a way that could just fill up a room. It adds a little percussion to take the edge of the dreaminess but I get a real sense of peace from this song, it’s not meant for intensity, but instead depth, and that’s what I’m getting most from this track. This is one of those just sit back and feel it tracks and I really enjoyed having the privilege of listening to such a lovely, and yet simple track.

‘Ahora Que no Estas’ starts with a building percussive intro, that merges with chords and a voice that drifts in and completes the track, again its a fairly simple song but it just works really well. And again I just found myself closing my eyes and experiencing the track. I think I liked this track just a bit better than the previous one because the vocals add that little extra to the track. But either way both tracks are a nice little musical experience.

So that’s what I thought of NAX and their singles ‘Partida’ and ‘Ahora Que no Estas’ and if you want to know where you can buy and listen to these tracks as well as others then visit their bandcamp. And if you want to keep up to date with the group then follow then on Facebook and Twitter.


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