Music Review: Martyn McLean – Demo tracks

Martyn C McLean Photo

Martyn McLean is a self described Vagabond Troubadour, and in my opinion is a talented vocalist and guitar player and today I’ll be reviewing a just a few songs he’s recorded and put up on Facebook but check them all out, they are the product of a man that loves what he does and doesn’t mind shaking things up a little.

Amadancin’ opens with some brilliant, guitar playing, that starts slow and builds with the track, and McLean has a voice for this type of track. I know from talking with him, he busks and he’s got a strong voice that could call someone in from across the street. He knows how to project his voice without shouting, and he’s not just a good guitarist but a really good singer as well. This song is really catchy, the melody just kind of stays with you.

The Ballad of Johnny Ramensky’ a cover of an old classic, and I think he does it justice, he knows just what notes to hit and his voice really lends something to the track. I’ll admit I listened to this one a few times while writing because the energy behind it really helps when writing. I said before his voice adds something, I think the accent helps with that, it drives it and since it’s a distinctly Scottish song it works all the more. I never thought I’d be feeling a song about A Scottish safe cracker so much.

Under The Motorway Bridge – down By the Weir’ I wasn’t actually sure if this was the name of the track or just a location but it’s as good a title as any, but anyway on with the actual review. This is a longer track, but has a lot of what I’ve already decided I like about Martyn McLean, some energetic and powerful guitar playing and some vocals that show of both passion and range in his singing ability.

So that’s what I thought of Martyn McLean’s demo tracks and if you want to check out what else he’s got then follow this link. And while you’re at if make sure and follow him on Facebook to keep up to date with him.


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