Single Review: Atlanta Arrival – Colliding Stars

Atlanta Arrival single Colliding Stars (A Tribute To Björn Mertz) Artwork

Atlanta Arrival are a band from Germany made up of Andreas Klemens on Guitar, Matthias Recktenwald on Bass, Daniel Rimedio on Vocals, Andreas Fischer on Vocals/Synth and the late Björn Mertz on Drums. The track I’ll be reviewing today ‘Colliding Stars’ is a tribute to their drummer, Björn Mertz who sadly passed away from cancer. I suggest you follow the link at the end of the review and buy the track for yourself because the band are using the profits from sales of the song to fundraise for a German Cancer Foundation in Björn’s name. If for whatever reason you don’t want to purchase the song you can donate via paypal instead.

‘Colliding Stars’ with a slowly rising and falling reverb that breaks into a melodious singing voice, considering the story behind the song it’s surprisingly non melancholic, it is however sweet and hopeful. For anyone that has lost someone then this song will resonate, and it manages to to be catchy as much as it is bittersweet. Towards the end there’s this amazing back and forth between the two singers, its powerful and really closes the song off perfectly.

So that’s what I thought of ‘Colliding Stars’ by Atlanta Arrival and if you want to check that out then visit their bandcamp, and while you’re at it make sure and follow the band on Facebook.


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