Interview with Brun Njua (Actress)

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Brunhilda Njua (also known as Brun Njua) is multi award-winning Cameroonian actress and Model. She made her acting debut back in 2014 when she starred on the popular ITV TV series Judge Rinder where she took a photographer to court because he made promises of payment that he never fulfilled, you can in fact check out a clip from that episode over on YouTube by clicking here.

If you are interested in hiring Brun Njua either as an actress or model then you can find her on StarNow or via her LinkedIn. Make sure and keep up to date with Brun Njua by visiting their website or by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and while you’re at it go ahead and check out their YouTube, which is full of projects they’ve worked on or produced.

So first off tell me about yourself?
My name is Princess Brun Njua, a Cameroonian born international actress. I am also a model, filmmaker and an all around entertainer.

Have you always wanted to be an Actress?
Yes, It’s always been a desire of mine to be an actress, I believe it’s that passion that’s kept me soaring high.

Why do you think you’re good at it? And What’s hard about it?
[Laughs] I’m not just good, I wouldn’t have come this far in the industry, or worked from one continent to another if I was just good. My talent though is God given my dear, but sometimes the hardest thing is that what you want, what you wish for doesn’t always happen. But even when that happens you still have to keep the fire burning. I will say, some roles are challenging, often more than you anticipated, but with talent and a burning zeal of determination to succeed then you can overcome.

Tell me about a highlight of your career and a low point?
Overall I’d say that my career trajectory has been great but I’m still aiming for greater achievements because I believe there is no limit to success and greatness. I can’t think of any real low point yet.

What’s it been like working with Olumide on this new movie, Switch?
Working with Olumide was great, he is such a nice person and he’s very good at what he does.

What other movies have you been in?
I’ve starred in several blockbuster movies like My Property, Switch, Slave Dancer and a whole host of others.

What do you think of people like Olumide bringing Nollywood to the UK and what do you think of the Nollywood scene as a whole?
There’s always an opportunity for everyone in the industry. Olumide and other people like him are trying to bring the Nollywood scene to other parts of the world and so far it seems to be going well. They just need to keep going with it because they are part of something great. I’ve used the opportunity to solicit more corporate sponsorships and partnerships which will compliment their efforts and hopefully facilitate their vision becoming a reality.

If you could give any tips or lessons to someone who wants to get into acting what would it be?
My advice to anyone intending to become an actor/actress is just to take that big step. Also they shouldn’t be intimidated by the big stats in the industry. Like I said earlier, there are opportunities available for everyone in this industry so why not go for it?

When you have a day off what kind of movies do you watch?
I tend to watch good movies, the kind that will impact my life, my career. I do this because I feel there is no end to learning and growing.

Following on from that last question, what is your favourite movie and why?
Being honest, every good movie is my favourite because I am a natural lover of quality things.

What do you feel we should see more of in modern movies, and what are you tired of seeing?
I feel we should see more things that positively impact the world and its inhabitants. I also hate seeing repetition in movies, I feel like filmmakers should be more original and more creative because there are still too many good stories left untold.

Other than acting what are your interests and passions?
I also make good movies, and I’m an international model as well.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead. Who would it be and why?
[Laughs] There are many people dear, but I’d probably say I’d have dinner with my fans.

And lastly what would you like to say to your fans?
My fans are my family, they have not stopped believing in me and praying for me also. I promise I will never let them down, by God’s grace. I will Always give it my best to make them happy.


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