TV Review: Demonologist for Hire (Season 1)

Demonologist for Hire Artwork

Demonologist for Hire is a web series that follows the adventures and misadventures of the Demonologist as he handles all sorts of supernatural issues. If you hear a bump in the night and don’t know what to do then call the Demonologist. Today I’ll be reviewing the four episodes that make up the first season.

S1E1 – The Vexing Case of the Haunted Car​
The first episode doesn’t race into things which I initially thought was strange given the episode length, but uses some well placed cinematography in the establishing shots to show what you should focus your attention. I love the deadpan nature of some of the delivery, it lends humour to the lines. And without even realising it you’re learning about the world. Honestly this is really well written and funny and manages to blend camp and melodrama with genuinely good storytelling. I thoroughly suggest you watch this episode, or to put it another way take a ride in the haunted car. I give this episode a 4/5. 

S1E2 – The Trouble With Deities
This episode uses minimal lighting and some background atmospheric noise to really build dread and tension. Also I didn’t mention it last episode but the intro is a genuine treat. I love how matter of fact everything is, especially the main character. He’s like Constantine but without the Liverpool accent and he always feels like he’s in over his head but somehow manages to pull through anyway.  I loved the design/makeup on the deity and the actress (Leanne Peebles) is really doing a great job. I mentioned it before but the delivery and the dialogue are really strong. Also the characters just go on like normal regardless of what’s happening which in my opinion lends authenticity because it makes it seem like this is all normal and they’ve just gotten used to it. Also big round of applause for the Trump line. I give this episode a 5/5

S1E3 – Stranger Correspondence​
This one changes up things by opening up via narration and again you get the trademark humour of the show expressed right there in the intro. I love the macabre dialogue and voice of Christopher it’s enjoyable to listen to and that alone is worth it. Also snake and goat monsters exist. More world building just blended right in and all of this in the first three minutes. Also after all of the build up, and I really expected a different resolution you get a great piece of absurdity to tie of another cracker of an episode. I give this episode a 4/5

S1E4 – Werewolf of Wall Street​
I had high hopes after the previous three episodes and let me tell you right now It didn’t let me down. It has a werewolf (kinda), who are by far my favourite of the supernatural pantheon. And we even see a familiar face resurface as well. Also you just kind of naturally like the Demonologist he’s cavalier and seems like he’s just doing this for a laugh rather than for any other inclination or higher purpose. Lastly it’s taken the four episodes but I’ve realised that the sense of humour and the writing reminds me of Anthony Horowitz, in particular the Diamond Brothers series, which blends a type of funny that can appeal to all ages with self awareness and sharpness. And with that we are finished with the episode and I’m already eager for more. I give this episode a 5/5

Lastly, let’s So finish up with an summary and a call to action, if you do anything today I’d check out this series because it’s more than worth a watch and while I’m at it if you even mildly enjoyed it then I’d support the team through their crowdfunding efforts so that you can be a part of bringing Demonologist for Hire to our screens again in the future.


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