EP Review: The Dollymops – Fields of Wheat

The Dollymops EP 'Fields of Wheat' Artwork

The Dollymops are an Oxford based Indie Rock band made up of Sean Stevens on Lead Vocals, Tom Hadfield on Guitar/Backing Vocals, Jacob Appleton on Bass and Simon Calver on Drums. If you want to learn more keep an eye out the the interview I did with the band that’ll be going up on the site soon. But for today I’ll be reviewing The Dollymops debut EP ‘Fields of Wheat’.

‘Romantic Mantras’ has a smashing guitar intro, that gives way to a tune that just works, its one of those tracks that doesn’t need to try hard to get you going, its go a great hook and a tune that’s equal parts energy and well paced so you can get up and move around to it but it doesn’t demand it. I think this track would do really well performed in front of an audience, but as it happens its still good when you’re sitting about in the living room listening to it for a review….really a song for all seasons. But seriously though this track just has that special something that makes a good track a great one.

‘Exile’ is a little faster paced than the previous track, and its really in this track that the vocals become more distinct and I really enjoyed them vocal sections in this track because of it. Like the previous track, this one has really well balanced in terms of both speed and style and as a result I’m doing an awkward sort of half dance while sitting at my desk. I said it before but here we have another track that would go down really well live and I’d be excited for a Dollymops performance that popped up near me…not that I’m hinting or anything.

‘Promenades’ is the shortest of the three tracks but packs a lot in, again it has this mellow sort of energy that rewards their lyrical composition and vocals as much as gives them a chance to show what a band working well together can really do. I like ‘Promenades’ a lot, I think it’s my favourite track on the EP because it was in spades everything I’ve liked so far about the band.

So that’s what I thought of The Dollymops debut EP ‘Fields of Wheat’ which you can check out on Spotify.


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