Album Review: Electrobuddha – Roller Disco

Electrobuddha Album 'Roller Disco'

Mark Hamilton Mccaffer known professionally as Electrobuddha is a solo musician from Scotland, and I’ve been fortunate enough to review him previously which you can check out here, and if you want to find out more about him then you can check out this Interview I did with him as well.

‘Everything is Groovy’ opens with a really vibrant intro, that eases into Electrobuddha’s vocals, he has a strong voice and you just get swept away with this track, it’s just a flowing piece of music that has a lot going on but it’s never too much.

‘Eternal Light’ has a bright intro, lots of piercing notes that lead well into Electrobuddha singing, his deep voice balanced well by the instrumental backing. I liked this track and again the track is well built and full of noise and energy without it stifling the vocals or just being overwhelming.

‘Elo Nation’ is faster paced, and different tonally from the previous tracks, it does give us a chance to hear the breadth of style on Electrobuddha’s music, and like many of his tracks, both the ones on this album and ones I’ve reviewed previously you can just kind of get lost in the track.

‘Moroccan Nights’ is a little different again, deeper bassy parts backed up by some light percussion and even some synth horns that all merge together nicely to create a nice little audio backdrop. I really enjoyed this track and it split up the album really well. I think, at least to my ear that this track is quite playful, the horns especially give that impression.

‘Hannah Barbara’ opens with a sound bite and then just blazes right into the song, like a runaway train leaving the station. I hate to be critical but the audio needs to be tidied up a little in this track, but despite that I really liked the rhythm and beat of the tracks and so far of the tracks I’ve heard on this album this one was the one that got stuck in my head.

‘Roller Disco’ this is track with a lot of energy, the kind of track you find yourself just bobbing your head along to, which basically just means, great catchy vocals and a tune that gets you moving.

‘Sunbird’ opens with an acoustic guitar and it leads into a tight vocal section, if you’ve liked Electrobuddha’s vocals thus far then this song is a real treat because he really gets a chance to shine here.

‘Wichita Lineman’ is a cover track of the classic song of the same name by Glen Campbell, and Electrobuddha really does it justice. I think of the tracks on this album I enjoyed this one the most and it was a great way to close out the album.

So that’s what I thought of Electrobuddha and his new album ‘Roller Disco’ which you can check out on Spotify. And if you want to keep up to date with him then follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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