Album Review: Adam Grant – My World

Adam Grant Album 'My World'

Adam Grant an Acoustic singer/songwriter from Comber, Northern Ireland. His work has rock, indie and folk punk influences and today I’ll be reviewing his debut album ‘My World’ which was released on April 30th 2018.

‘My Crowd’ stars with some hard fast percussion and is quickly joined by Adam Grant’s voice, he sounds young but by no means inexperienced. He has a strong voice and really knows how to use it. I like track like this that aren’t sickly sweet or repetitive but still manage to be catchy as hell.

‘Closed Doors’ is slower, with some nice guitar playing easing us in to the track, and Grant picks up again with his strong vocals. This track has another nice beat that makes it easy to follow, and you do just get kind of caught up in the track and the story Grant is trying to tell.

‘What Ifs & Buts’ has an intro that builds tentatively and then explodes forth, a lot of energy and passion and I feel like that track would probably be amazing performed live. It’s just one of those tracks you know an audience would react strongly to, and the most impressive thing is how controlled he keeps his voice when he’s belting it out, sometimes even good singers can’t project well but Grant manages it.

‘This Feeling’ is a slower track, a guitar section, with a really sweet riff, and it all leads into another strong vocal section. This is another track that’s really catchy, I even got some looks for singing it to myself while shopping in the supermarket, and if that isn’t free promotion I don’t know what is. Joking aside this is a really good track that you remember once its done.

‘Avalanche’ changes things up a little, as the keys play us through a soulful track you really feel what Adam Grant is trying to put out there and that should be admired. It’s hard to pick among other strong contenders but ‘Avalanche’ might be my favourite track on the album.

‘My World’ is the title track of the album and it doesn’t let the album down, its has a well paced intro, lots of bass and guitars. But the real shout out I need to give in this track is for the vocals which have managed to impress me again.

‘Goodbye’ shows a different side to Adam Grant’s voice, it’s just different tonally and it works really well with this track.

‘The Fight’ has my favourite intro so far, something about the well composed mix of instruments really worked for me, and you just kind of get carried away by this track. I expected something a little harsher with a name like ‘The Fight’ but my expectations were subverted. But even though its not overtly aggressive doesn’t mean their isn’t passion and edge to it, all you need to do is listen to the lyrics.

‘Punk Girl’ has an almost funky kind of intro, which I liked because it was offbeat and not what I was expecting. Overall I really enjoyed the track, it was funny, really evoked strong mental images and it showed a different side to his music.

‘Your Love’ is the final track on the album and is slows things down again, it’s a nice closer to ‘My World’ its mournful, touching and it included some stringed instrument, I think either a double bass or a cello, I don’t have a good enough ear or enough experience to distinguish them but I did enjoy them and they added a nice little thing to the track.

So that’s what I thought of Adam Grant and his Album ‘My World’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then visit Spotify. Also while you’re doing that follow Adam Grant on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with what he’s doing.


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