Single Review: Twin Heart – Little Death

Twin Heart 'Little Death' Artwork

Twin Heart are a three piece alternative/emo pop band from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire made up of Murray Baxter on Drums, Dawn Baxter on Vocals and Kyle Roberts on Bass. I cannot recommend this band more highly and you’d be crazy to not to listen to it and I haven’t even gotten to the review yet, if you need any more prodding…prior to reading the actual review that is then check out this review I did of their EP Progress: Decline and this Interview I did with them about a year ago as well. Anyway no more stalling here’s what I thought of the track.

‘Little Death’ has a really sweet intro that reverberates around a room, I’m writing this in a cafe rather than my usual desk at home but even with more distractions this song grabs you hard and doesn’t let go, it’s not crazy heavy nor does it have silly music ques or anything like that, it comes by its attention grabbing really honestly and just flows like a wave from the first second. I’ll admit I worry about reviewing bands I know and like personally because I feel I’ll struggle to be objective but I don’t have to worry about it when Twin Heart keep putting out tracks like this, it just flows so well, the points where Dawn’s hauntingly beautiful voice merge with those of the bassist Kyle are just perfect, they go perfectly like musical synergy, if synergy wasn’t an awful nasty buzzword. But getting serious though, this song isn’t exactly happy I mean the first lyrics are “Stay awake and die” but it does just resonate with you and that’s more important, plus I think people often overlook the power of a song that connects with you but doesn’t do it by just being cheery or innocuous, this type of song works because you feel what the band are trying to put out, its one of those moments where artist and listener are connected.
So that’s what I thought of Twin Heart’s brand new single ‘Little Death’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then hop on over to Youtube to see the full official video and if you want to buy it and have it forever then head over to Bandcamp. And as always if you want to keep up to date with everything going on with the band then you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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