EP Review: Aboriginals – Infinite Cinema

Aboriginals Artwork

Aboriginals are a four piece Ayrshire based Alternative Rock band made up of Andrew Hyslop on Lead Guitar, Calum Brown on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Craig Jamieson on Bass Guitar and Andrew Pick on Drums.

‘Won’t You Be Mine’ starts off with some well paced percussion before melding beautifully with some chords. Next the vocalist joins in and pushes the track up another notch, his voice works well both with the instruments and on its own. Its strong, clear and distinctive and doesn’t seem at risk of being overpowered by the music itself. This track is really catchy, and has a really nice little riff and at around 2 minutes 30 it builds from nice to brilliant. I will admit that even when I’m not super into a track I tend to listen to it alot for the review but this one I can see myself listening to over and over again for sheer enjoyment.

‘Cordelia’ is much faster initially than the previous track, and it has more bite to it as well, but it’s a nice change and still has the well maintained balance between instrument and vocals. I intend this to be a compliment, but I get an almost Biffy Clyro feel from this track, it works well though and maybe it’s just me. But Cordelia is a really great track, it has a fairly fast tempo, but it doesn’t feel rushed, in fact the section towards the end of the middle, around the 2/3 minute mark shows just how well the speed works when there is a lengthy vocal section. It really works and that is in part due to the energy built up in the beginning and maintained throughout the entire track.  

‘In My Mind’ another nice opening that blends percussion really well, this finds a balance between the two previous tracks, faster than the first but without the haste of the track. Of the tracks so far I liked this one the most mainly because of the hook, it’s catchy and challenging and just really works with the song.

‘Figment’ I really enjoyed this intro, I swapped to my big speakers for this and it really filled the room, this one I bet would go over great at live events because it’s got that perfect mix of falls and rises that’s great to get a crowd moving. I for one can’t wait to see if i’m right. It’s another strong track from a powerful EP.

‘Not Young Forever’ is a nice closer to the EP, rolls along really smoothly, and has some of the best vocals on the EP, that and a great hook to boot. Just like with the first track this is another I’ll be listening to on repeat when the EP comes out. Also side note although this might just be me, this song is really good to listen to when you’re working, keeps you going at a decent pace and is just good to listen to without overpowering you.

So that’s what I thought of Aboriginals and their EP ‘Infinite Cinema’ and make sure and check it out when the EP goes live on the 6th August 2018. In the meantime make sure and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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