Single Review: Gordon Robertson – Vodka Lemon Lime

Gordon Robertson Promo Photo

Gordon Robertson is an acoustic pop/Jazz musician based in the Glasgow area, he’s releasing his debut single ‘Vodka Lemon Lime’ on the 27th July and ahead of that I’ll be reviewing it to get you all excited about the very talented Gordon Robertson’s music, and if you aren’t excited enough for the release already then maybe reading an Interview with him will whet your appetite even further.

‘Vodka Lemon Lime’ the first thing that hits me listening to this track is his voice, its fresh, clear and he knows how to work with it, he doesn’t push his vocal boundaries and knows how to sing well. The second is based on the title I was expecting a whole different type of song but I love this track, the energy of it, upbeat and silly and with a hook that is almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head, I know it got stuck in mine. I liked this track alot and you’d be crazy not to give it a listen yourself.

So that’s what I thought of Gordon Robertson’s track ‘Vodka Lemon Lime’ and if you want a copy then keep your eyes peeled for it on the 27th July, a good place to look is his social media which you can check out here: Facebook and Twitter.


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