Solo Musician Interview: Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson

Where are you from?

I live in Grangemouth, but grew up in Edinburgh and have spent the last 6 years in the Glasgow area. My mum’s family are from North Lanarkshire so I’d probably say that area was home.

How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)?

I’ve been playing Piano since age 8, Guitar since about age 14 and singing since about the age of 6. I also started ‘cello at about that age.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I write acoustic pop with a big jazz influence. I guess you could say it fits into the ‘adult contemporary’ genre.

What are your influences?

I’m influenced by old jazz masters like Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, newer jazz artists like Kurt Elling and Michael Bublé, and pop acts like Jason Mraz, Thirsty Merc, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars.

Do you do covers and if so what’s your go to?

I do perform covers. They tend to be by Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, or they’re jazz standards!

Do you have a process for writing your songs?

Most of the time I tend to write the music before the words. That being said the inspiration for a song tends to be more from a concept or a lyric I’ve thought up. I’m also usually always watching tv with a guitar next to me.

Do you have any interesting/funny stories about gigging or touring?

Some highlights include my mum being confused for my wife on two separate occasions, and then the usual selection of dealing with drunk people stories. I do some singing telegram work where I turn up at beauty salons, or restaurants or bars and surprise people with songs their loved ones have requested, so that’s always good fun!

What song do you remember most from your childhood?

Ooh difficult to say as I was surrounded by mostly classical music until around 12. Probably something from Jesus Christ Superstar the musical, or thinking wayback, my first CD Walkman played Queen’s Greatest Hits volume 1 until it wore out so anything off that album!

What has been your biggest challenge as a performer? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so then how?

My biggest challenge came when I had to make the decision to give up a place at a very prestigious music university, and move my training from classical to the music that really inspires me, jazz and pop. Despite family pressure not to I can now say it was the best decision I could have made, and certainly the most important one I’ve made for my career thus far.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

They can find me on Facebook at, my website which is and my music will be on all online streaming/downloading platforms after release. There’s also some stuff available at

Have you released anything yet/if you have then how has it gone down and are you planning anything for the near future?

I’ve had some minor releases and I did release a live album last year which was recorded at my university final assessment, but the 27th July will by the official release of my first ever single entitled ‘Vodka Lemon Lime’. It will be followed by three more over the coming months!

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?

I’ve played Stereo, The Old Hairdressers, King Tut’s, O2ABC2, Ivory Blacks, Wicked Lounge, The Ferry and many more. I loved playing Tut’s but I probably enjoyed supporting Us the Duo most at Stereo.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

On the single launch day I’m playing Butefest 2018 in Rothesay with a band for the very first time so I’m super excited about that one on the 27th of July.

What do you think about downloading music online?

I think it’s great because you have such easy access to any music any time. However I do miss the days of going to buy an album and also the listening experience of a proper album, rather than stand-alone singles.

What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

There are positives and negatives. I think it’s very different from the pre-digital landscape of the record industry, but better or worse, I’m not sure. There are so many more opportunities for artists to have their music heard and found due to the internet, but of course you are also now competing with so many more amazing artists from across the world. However I think it gives independent artists a chance to take much more ownership of their music, their fan-base and their career. And anything which gives power to the music makers instead of the big corporations can only be a good thing.

And let’s end with something a little different…Which famous person, alive or dead, would you have dinner with and why?

Oh it’s hard to choose. Probably Andy Murray, the tennis player, since I’m a huge fan of his. But you were probably expecting a musical answer, right?


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