Single Review: Tom Oliver – Photogenic

Tom Oliver 'Photogenic' re-release Artwork

I was contacted by the lovely people at Sandstone Records, a newly established record label based in Edinburgh about reviewing their re-release of the Tom Oliver single ‘Photogenic’ I was more than happy to help them out. Before I get on with the actually review I’ll tell you a little about Tom Oliver, he’s an Edinburgh based solo Indie/pop musician. He’s originally from Perth and he’s released his debut EP ‘If I Sugar-Coat It Enough You Might Just Like It’ which dropped in December 2017. ‘Photogenic’ the single I’m going to be reviewing today is actually part of that EP so make sure and check out the whole thing if you can.

‘Photogenic’ opens fast and has an almost country feel about it, it’s not long before we hear Tom Oliver sing, and he has a strong, distinctive voice that works well with the music. I always like when Scottish singers don’t hide their accent, not only does Tom Oliver not hide it but he makes it work for him, giving his work a nice edge to it. I found myself going back to this track a few times before I actually reviewed it because it’s deceptively simple, at first glance it seems like a good track but overall fairly uncomplicated but it gets under your skin a little and the more you listen to it the more you get out of it.

So that’s what I thought of Tom Oliver’s single ‘Photogenic’ and if you want to check it out for yourself then pop over to Spotify and If you want to keep up to date with Tom Oliver then you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.


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