Single Review: Screech Bats – That Valentine Song

Screech Bats single 'That Valentine Song'

Screech Bats are a four piece punk rock band from London made up of Kit Reeve on Guitar, Esme Baker on Vocals, Rio Hellyer on Bass and Lexi Clark on Drums. I will be reviewing their single ‘That Valentine Song’ from their 2018 album ‘Wish You Were Her’.

‘That Valentine Song’ opens with a nice little percussive burst before the vocalist breaks through, her voice is strong, and with an impressive clarity. I liked this track a lot, it was busy but everything had its own place, it wasn’t overwhelming. I will admit I had to listen to this track quite a few times, I only ever do that with tracks that are really good or where I’m struggling with what to say, in this case it was because it was really good. I’d never heard Screech Bats before I listened to this track and I think it’s a strong example of what they are capable of and I’d thoroughly recommend the band as well.

So that’s what I thought of the Screech Bats single ‘That Valentine Song’ and if you want to check it out then visit their soundcloud where you can listen to the full album it’s from or check it out on Youtube if you want to see the music video. And if you want to keep up to date with Screech Bats then make sure and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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