EP Review: Groucho Underdog – The Groucho Way

Groucho Underdog 'The Groucho Way' EP Artwork

Groucho Underdog are a four piece Alternative punk rock band from Dundee, Edinburgh and Fife made up of Groucho Mark on Guitars/Vox, Groucho Niall on Guitars, Groucho Shaun on Bass and Groucho Bez on Drums.

‘Do You Feel? [Sjaans Song]’ has an awesome little guitar riff to start us off and it builds perfectly till it merges with the rest of the band, and man do you just get swept away by this track, it has an intensity to it. I like tracks like this that have a nice hook for the chorus but aren’t good just because they are catchy. This was the first track I’d heard from Groucho Underdog but it shows off their skill and passion really well and is just a strong entry onto this EP.

‘Face Off’ is another belter, kicking straight into gear without any build up, sometimes that can be a little jarring but the first track sets you up for it and the entire EP has this energy about it and it works well for the track. I really liked the harmonies in this track, the vocalists work really well together even on something as simple as that and that is reflected in the strength of this track.

‘Falling Down’ is a little darker than the previous two tracks, it just has a heaviness that wasn’t there before but it’s a nice change of pace and serves to show the versatility of the band. I think I liked this track the most, it had some of the best guitar sections and in my opinion had some of the best vocal sections as well.

‘Monster’ is another track that just bolts straight into it, and I enjoyed it, you don’t need a breather and you don’t get time for one either, you just get swept away in the music. I enjoy fast paced songs like this, a lifelong fan of music and film I always picture how a track would work as the soundtrack to some movie and this one definitely would work.

So that’s what I thought of Groucho Underdog and their EP ‘The Groucho Way’ which you can check out on Soundcloud. And if you want to keep up to date with the band then follow then on Facebook and Twitter.


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