Single Review: Sapienn – This Time / Giving Up the Ghost

Sapienn 'This Time' single Artwork

Scott Simpson also known as Sapienn is a Glasgow based singer-songwriter and incredibly talented musician who I’ve reviewed previously and you can check those reviews out here, here and here. I’ve also managed to get an Interview with him which you can check out here.

‘This Time’ has an energy to it from the get go, I’ve kinda gotten used to song going full pelt from the start or building slowly, this one came into its own fully realised and it was kind of jarring, I listened to the instrumental opening a few times before I put my finger on what it was. I like it though its well composed and isn’t rushed. I’ve talked before about Sapienn, especially for someone to came to singing professionally a little later in his life, he’s a very talented vocalist and he’s pulling no punches with this track.

‘Giving Up the Ghost’ really gives Sapienn a chance to shine vocally, he manages to be clear and still resonate on a deep emotional level, I ended up listening to this B-track a bunch over the past couple of days because I like good music…which this is. And because I’m not one of those people who believe sad or melancholic music makes you sad. It helps to make you think but for me this song left me hopeful, not quite sure what about but it just filled me with that feeling, and at the end of the day if a song makes you think and makes you feel then it has some merit.

So that’s what I thought about Sapienn and his tracks ‘This Time’ and ‘Giving Up the Ghost’ which you can check out on bandcamp. And if you want to keep up to date with Sapienn then check him out on Facebook and Twitter or visit his website.


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