Single Review: Red Hearted Vibrations – Circles

Red Hearted Vibrations 'Circles'

Red Hearted Vibrations are a four piece acoustic/indie rock band from Glasgow made up of two pairs of siblings, we have Craig White on Guitar and Vocals and his brother Graham White on Bass, and rounding off the other sibling pair is Laura Nelson on Vocals and Steven Nelson on Drums.

‘Circles’ opens with a soothing guitar melody that washes over you like the morning tide, this was first up on my review list today and I started early so this song was a soothing soundtrack to my early morning. I think the gentle lilting melody is perfect for the quiet stillness of the morning and of reflection. Laura Nelson’s voice is a gift, her dulcet tones work perfectly with the melody and it just kind of wraps around you. This is Red Hearted Vibrations debut track but if this is any indication of where they are at I see a swift and well deserved rise to the top. It’s not that the track is truly spectacular on its own, although it is fantastic but it’s just the way it just resonates with you. I’m big on how a track makes me feel, because I don’t like comparing bands to other bands and know next to nothing about what goes into the technical aspects of music making, so when I hear a track like this that’s both unambiguously good and makes me feel then I have to..pardon the pun…sing its praises.

So that’s what I thought of Red Hearted Vibrations and their brand spanking new single ‘Circles’ which you can check out on Soundcloud. And if you want to keep up to date with the band then all you have to do is follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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