EP Review: Playing with Punkarella – As Low as We Are, We Can Only Rise

Playing with Punkarella EP 'As Low As We Are, We Can Only Rise'

Playing with Punkarella is a two person Alternative rock/Metal outfit from Fife made up of Lee Blades on Guitar and Kim Thomson on Vocals. I’ve previously reviewed and Interviewed Playing with Punkarella and you can see that here and here respectively.

‘Neyrissa’ opens strong with a pounding guitar and drum combo that are just top knotch, I already knew I liked this band from my previous review (which you can check out above) but this track really clinches it. Kim Thomson, has a really nice voice, she manages to maintain a consistent pitch and tempo, which is bloody difficult, as someone who can’t sing but keeps trying anyway I really appreciate anyone that can because its like witchcraft to me. Now getting away from Thomson’s spellbinding vocals…sorry i couldn’t resist the crap joke. I have to give props to Lee Blades on the Guitar, he backs up Thomson perfectly but isn’t overshadowed, in fact around the 2 minute 30 second mark there’s a really nice riff that acts as the perfect mid track break. All in all ‘Neyrissa’ is a strong opening track to their new EP.

‘Blonde Hair and Bandaged Hands’ opens with another strong blend of drums and strings, the riff for a second sounded a bit like a theme I remember hearing in a Doctor Who episode but anything that tickles the old nostalgia button is just another plus. The mid track break in this song was kind of jarring, the sudden stop then the slow build its really tremendous, it really made me remember this song between first listening to it when I got it and sitting down to do the review. I think out of all the songs on the EP, this track is my favourite, there’s just so much going on and it works so well, I tend to listen to the tracks again as I write and I blazed through it listening to this track, having it inspire my words.

‘Allure’ is softer, different from the previous two tracks, but showing clearly that Playing with Punkarella aren’t some one trick pony, they have range, they have style and they can put out a kickass track this this. I like slower songs, I was talking in a previous review about how slower or ‘sadder’ songs don’t need to make you sad, reflection is good and tracks like these afford the listener some time to look inside themselves. Let’s hope what you find is as…alluring..as this track. Again sorry about the dumb joke.

‘The Printer’s Devil’ as both a literary nerd and a writer I love interesting or esoteric song titles and this one is a whopper. And it’s not just the title that’s good the song isn’t anything to be sniffed at, it starts with an almost vibrating string intro, expertly backed up by a building drum beat, this out of all the tracks so far has had the best initial build. And I already said ‘Blonde Hair and Bandaged Hands’ was my favourite track on the EP but this song is a strong contender, and its in no small part because Thomsons vocals are that much sharper in this track.

‘Kill Me Kate Part 1’ left me wishing for a part two, it’s a nice tight closing track, that’s not the best this EP has to offer but is still a strong contribution to ‘As Low as We Are, We Can Only Rise’ and all I can say is with this out I can’t wait to see what Playing with Punkarella do now.

So that’s what I thought of Playing with Punkarella and their new EP ‘As Low as We Are, We Can Only Rise’ which you can check out on Spotify. And if you want to keep up to date with Playing with Punkarella then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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