EP Review: DeadEyes – Self-titled EP

DeadEyes EP Artwork

DeadEyes are a four piece rock and roll group from Ayr made up of Deej on Lead Guitar, Scott on Rhythm Guitar, Scott on Bass/Lead Vocals and Raz on Drums. And today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled EP which was released in February 2018.

‘Droon the C**t’ opens with a nice bit of feedback that really builds well and gives the impression of a live performance, especially when overlaid with some guitars, by the 40 second mark the song kicks in properly, a built up track that uses building bass and guitar coupled with an awesome drum accompaniment to really make some noise, this song reminds me of classic heavy rock, what springs to mind is ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath, except this track has more energy and give. I found myself just getting kind of carried away with it, taking me right back to my moshing days, slightly undercut by the fact I had it on when I was doing the dishes the first couple times I listened to it through. I especially like the screams that just trail off, its so real, this doesn’t sound like a band trying to sound heavy or metal or however you want to classify it, but the genuine article.

‘Hell House’ opens with a sinister sound bite from a piece of dialogue Roddy McDowall’s character Benjamin Franklin Fischer says to Gayle Hunnicutt’s character Ann Barrett in the 1973 classic film ‘The Legend of Hell House’ from which I assume this track takes its name. As the sound bite carries on they weave in a little guitar and then it takes over, just a full throttle pounding riff that really charges you up. Not to keep comparing them to Sabbath but the singer here sounds like a more vocally talented Ozzy, and I hope that’s taken as the compliment its meant to be. I like ‘Hell House’ its well balanced and doesn’t slow down or give up, I bet it’d be something to see live as well.

‘Ashes’ changes things up a little, the tone is just that little bit different from the previous two tracks that I immediately took notice. It uses the bass really well, acting to kind of carry you through the track as it peaks and falls. The screaming..or is it screamo? section is really good it builds this sense of dread and suspense that is carried throughout the track really well.

‘Burn the Witch’ is a nice closing track because it has many of the same things that made the last couple of tracks good and so they end the EP on a tight closing number. I hadn’t really realised until this point that the tracks are a touch longer than ones I usually listen to, most come in at about 3/4 minutes, there isn’t a track in this album less than five minutes and in fact this one breaches the six minute mark. I bring it up because often a track regardless of how good can get a bit much past a certain point but I never found myself feeling like that listening to these tracks it was like they just ended when they were supposed to.

So that’s what I thought of DeadEyes self-titled EP and if you want to check it out for yourself then click here. And if you want to keep up to date with the band then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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