EP Review: Sapienn – Hours of Despair

Sapienn 'Hours of Despair' EP Artwork

Sapienn is a solo acoustic project from Glasgow based singer-songwriter Scott Simpson, he began performing as Sapienn Midway through 2016 and by October had released his debut EP ‘Hours of Despair’ which I will be reviewing today. Sapienn has only been performing a relatively short amount of time but he is a true force of nature and has already managed to do almost a hundred shows. I’ve reviewed a few of his other releases although I did manage to do it all backwards, but its just meant that I’ve seen where he is right now and where he’s came from and all I can say is that he stormed onto the scene with this debut EP and only got better with time, if you want to check out those other reviews then click here and here. I was also lucky enough to get an Interview with Sapienn which you can check out here.

‘Rush’ opens with a lovely acoustic guitar intro, its fast paced but manages to give off a strangely hopeful note to it, like its not rushing but just moving towards the end of the song. For someone who admits they came to singing later in life he’s a very talented vocalist and I was really impressed as soon as I heard him sing. I really enjoyed this track, and after a very long day it was a nice song to pick me up and help me unwind, I felt better after having listened to it and that at least to me is the mark of a good song.

‘Dreams Of A Realist’ didn’t have the same hopeful note to it but it was still a really good song, it gave Sapienn a chance to show off his range and show that he could display a wide range of emotions and experiences through his singing and playing. I liked this track, It was this track that I noticed how talented he was with his guitar as well.

‘Like A Moth’ Blended the style of both the previous tracks,  it wasn’t upbeat or morose, it was someone somewhere in between, and again I was stunned by how amazing Sapienn’s voice is, especially when he’s only been singing professionally for around two years at most. I guess, no matter how late in life you discover a skill if you are passionate about it and talented you can do amazing things. ‘Like A Moth’ is an example of those amazing things because it is an incredibly emotional and touching track.

‘Burn It Down (Where The Heart Lives)’ is another really powerful track, I liked the hook of the chorus the most in this track, but the entire thing was just a lesson in heart and showing your sincerity and talent through music.

‘Blink And Stare’ is the final track on the EP and it doesn’t let the EP down, Sapienn changes his style up a little but doesn’t lose anything because of it. I enjoyed this song a lot, this entire album has show what he is capable of and I can’t say it enough, if you haven’t heard Sapienn then do it now because not hearing his music is a huge mistake.

So that’s what I thought of Sapienn and his debut EP ‘Hours of Despair’ and if you want to check it out yourself then you can right here on his bandcamp and you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter or check out his website.


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