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Album Review: Sapienn – A Black Sarcasm

Sapienn is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Glasgow, and while I’ve reviewed his music in the wrong order, I feel that at this point I know his style quite well. It’s all very emotive and especially when you consider that this is his musical debut its all the more impressive.

‘Everything Is Spiders’ is a slightly alarming title but an enjoyable song. Sapienn has a strong and pleasant voice that I don’t tire of hearing. This is a nice opening track with a nice beat and rhythm to it that says nothing of the strong well written lyrics that are again amazing for a debut album.

‘Palisades’ Is another lovely song, melodic and heartwarming in its sincerity and honesty. I really love how Sapienn makes a song it’s not just one thing it’s the whole domination he’s a very talented gentleman. ‘Palisades’ is the the perfect example of this because it combines elements that’d be great in their own i.e his vocals or guitar playing and together creates something even better than its individual parts.

‘Cognitive Bias (I’ll See You in the Woods)’ this song really gives Sapienn’s voice a chance to shine. It was good, great even in the other tracks but here it really shines. Although maybe that’s just some sort of cognitive bias. Sorry it’s in my contract I get to make one bad joke per review.

‘Chase You Down’ opens with a crystal clear acoustic guitar intro that sounds very lively especially after the last couple tracks were far slower. But again I’m amazed by Sapienn’s voice and find it insane that he’s only been professionally singing for about 2-3 years but it really does show what determination and talent can do in equal measure.

‘Reptilian’ is another soothing and enjoyable intro, you find yourself just kinda closing your eyes and letting a lot of Sapienn’s music wash over you, it’s pure and has the power to fill up a room. This song is a perfect example of that.

‘Cognitive Dissonance (A Black Sarcasm)’ is the title track and it does it’s job well, especially being in the middle, it bridges the album really well and ties the album together really well. That’s something that a really present in Sapienn’s music, it’s all individual but ties together really well.

‘Cry Wolf’ a very evocative title and a personal favourite on the album with sweet soothing vocals played over expert guitar playing. I’m not sure why I like this track so much, especially given the strength of the entire album as a whole but I guess I just feel that it works the best and when I listened to the album again I felt most excited for this.

‘Cognitive Resonance (How to Start an Idle Heart)’ has an incredibly upbeat and vibrant opening which makes sense since the song is about ‘breaking chains’ and overcoming obstacles. It’s very uplifting especially when taken in context of the whole album.

‘Opposite Corners’ is a fantastic closing track, which hits all the hallmarks that I’ve talked about throughout this album, his vital and powerful singing and instrumental skill all leave you wanting more and enjoying the track immensely.

And so that’s what I thought about Sapienn’s debut album ‘A Black Sarcasm’ and if you want to check that out then you can listen to it via bandcamp and you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with him.


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  1. […] I’ve previously reviewed Sapienn so I’ll give an abbreviated introduction and just get to talking about his awesome music. Sapienn is a Glasgow based Singer/songwriter who came to music a little later in life than most but within a very short space of time has performed very widely. He released a single called ‘1955’ which I will be talking about today. He has also released an EP ‘Hours of Despair’ which I’ve reviewed previously and you can check that out here and you can also check out my review his recent album ‘A Black Sarcasm’ which was released in November 2017 by clicking here. […]


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