Game Review: I have 1 day (Flash Game)

I Have 1 Day

I have 1 Day Doesn’t pull any punches. Literally in this case you are knocked out in the title screen and wake up in a cell with 1 day to save the day.

An interesting element of the game is the you can turn back the clock so to speak to relive events to get a better outcome. It also has a lovely sense of humour, a good example would be at the start of the game you acquire the mop and the dialogue option says ‘This barely fit in my pocket’

It’s a fun little point and click that utilises its medium well. In addition it might seem like a poor design choice but having no face means you can project onto the character.

This game is devilishly tricky even with ability to turn back time you can still get caught by not giving yourself enough time to do things but it’s still a lot of fun. The main aim of the game is to return yourself to your own body in time to stop the black wizard from killing the Prince.

But what’s good about this game is it has fun with you, screws with you and keeps you coming back for more. And as I mentioned before it’s a challenge. Especially the wizard riddles.

Really what’s good is that it has multiple endings, a unique time mechanic and a fun story that adds up to a unique story. I give this a 7/10 and if you want to play it yourself then you can check it out here on Armor Games.


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