EP Review: Vulpynes – Self-titled EP

Vulpynes Album Artwork

Vulpynes are a two piece Garage/Punk Rock band from Dublin, Ireland made up of Maeve Molly on Guitar/Vocals and Kaz on Drums.

‘Sublingual’ opens with some tight blaring guitars that meld perfectly with the drums. I feel like the opening notes almost announce something coming, as it turns out it was Maeve Molly’s powerful and angry vocals which push the track forward. I liked the rhythm of this track alot, the counterpoint between her voice and the music, sometimes they can sound like they are fighting each other but here they compliment each other perfectly.

‘Terry Said’ has a more muted intro, not by much but enough to show the range of the duo, I really liked this song as well, its playful and catchy and yet it has a little bit of edge to it. I had it stuck in my head for days, which is awkward because now my fiancée is asking who the hell Terry is. But I really enjoy this track, I think it flows well and I’d love to hear it live.

‘Silica’ opens with feedback and seems like a more organic live performance, it also explodes out of the gate and just kinda carries you away with it. It was shorter than I expected but I suppose with the pace it was keeping that’s to be expected, and it was still a great song, certainly something that’d get people up on their feet.

‘OCD’ also opens with feedback before getting right to it, I haven’t talked about it much but I really enjoy the singers voice, she has what I think of as a classic punky note to it and she really gives it her all. This is another catchy song with edge to it, and It’s certainly one I’ll remember.

So that’s what I thought of Vulpynes self-titled album. Make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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