Single Review: Das Plastixx – You Wait For War

Das Plastixx 'You Wait For War' Album Artwork

Das Plastixx are a Glasgow based band and you can check out a previous review I did of them here or check out an Interview I did with them as well. Today I’m going to be reviewing their latest release ‘You Wait For War’ which should be officially released on 27/04/2018. The band is made up of Jack Mohan on Vocals/keys, Mark Anthony Carroll on Guitar, Jamie Bookless on Bass guitar/Backing Vocals and Gavin McCusker on Drums.

‘You Wait For War’ has a really nice guitar intro, with just a wee bit of reverb that plays it nicely, and it’s backed up well by some drums. It’s a really good opening that you really just get caught up in. Even when things build and get a little more frenetic, it still maintains a pretty even pace that I think works really well for the song. I mean with some tracks it races forward, ‘You Wait For War’ doesn’t, it in fact makes you wait for it. I’m looking forward to going to one of their live shows so I can hear this track up close and personal, because I really enjoy how it just kinda washes over you.

So that’s what I thought of Das Plastixx and their latest release, check it out now and If you want to keep up to date with the band then you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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