Album Review: Car Crash Sisters – Sundance Sea

Sundance Sea Album Artwork

Car Crash Sisters are a four piece shoegaze/Alternative Rock band from Aguascalientes, Mexico made up of Kique J on Guitar and Vocals, Alma Saucedo on Guitar, John Bla Bla on Bass and Noel Legaspi on Drums. I’m going to be reviewing their latest album Sundance Sea, which I was lucky enough to be asked to review.

‘Some Kind Of Regret’ opens off nice, a nice trilling guitar sequence before everything comes together, the song from the get go has an almost dreamlike quality, like you’re walking around in a daze and just kind of taking it in. I really enjoyed this track because of that, it’s not the kind of track you forget because something just kinda hooks you.

‘Orange’ moving very quickly on from my the dreamlike state this one changes things up a little, still that same muted quality but this track is a little more direct, and it also really gives the band a chance to show off what they can do. Its top notch and I really liked listening to ‘Orange’.

‘In Another World’ has my favourite intro so far, it’s a little fast paced but also perfectly shows off the trance like quality of their tracks, its like they have this incredibly quality to blanket you in the song till it’s over, you’re not thinking about anything really just experiencing the track. I’d go as far as to say it take you to Another World.

‘Anne Louisse Of The Raging Seas’ a very esoteric title for a song, and it opens heavier than the other tracks so far, grabbing your attention straight away, it’s not too jarring though. In fact I really enjoyed it, and they never stray too far from the style I’ve noticed throughout. It’s always good when a band can do different things while also maintaining an internal consistency to their music.

‘Blackholeyday’ this track opens with vocals quite quickly, and it does the song justice, it changes things up again and like I’ve noticed before Car Crash Sisters kind of take you along with them as they sing, although hopefully there will be no car crashes…sorry dumb joke, I’m allowed one per review. But yeah I really like this track and I’d very much like to hear it live, if Car Crash Sisters do a UK tour and I very much hope they do then I will be front and centre to see and hear what their music is like in person.

‘Anyway’ starts off quite fast paced with a nice percussive intro that blends seamlessly with the rest of the instruments, I haven’t mentioned the vocals too much, except to mention their dreamlike quality but its in this track especially that you really hear how talented the lead singer is, he has a strong and distinct voice that works well with the tone of the band.

‘Midnight’ is the most cacophonous track, except in a good way, it certainly blends alot together, and its because of that It’s probably my favourite on the track. It’s just packed but not overwhelmingly so, and you just get lost in it again.

‘Descension’ has a nice repeating guitar riff that seems familiar somehow, it fades into the vocals which go over it really well. This is a really nice track to finish out the album on, its melodic, soothing and embodies the best that the band has to offer.

So that’s what I thought of The Car Crash Sisters Album ‘Sundance Sea’ and if you want to get a copy for yourself then follow this link to their bandcamp. And make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the band.


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