Music Review: Michael Forsyth – Demo Tracks

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Michael Forsyth is a singer-songwriter from Huntly, Aberdeenshire and I had the pleasure of reviewing some of his most popular tracks on Spotify, you can check out what I thought about them below.

‘Rainbow’ opens with horns, i wasn’t expecting it but it was pleasant and a lovely segway to Michael Forsyth singing, he has a lovely and melodic voice that goes really well with the guitar that backs him up. This was my first exposure to him but I like his music, its soft and lets you think and kinda just fade into it which I’ve realised is exactly my type of music, something that can either spur you on to feel something or enhance an emotional moment.

‘Young Wild And Free’ is a little different from the last track, it still has the same acoustic quality but they are very different in terms of tone, they work well together though, and this one certainly has a little more motion and swing to it, as I mentioned the other track was something you’d kinda get lost listening to, this track has more energy and so demands action.

‘The dealers eyes’ has an intro that blends a lot of things together really well, not overwhelming but an excellent combination of music which break at the perfect moment to Forsyth singing, I like his voice, he makes strong choices and sings well and clearly, which is an underrated talent for a singer. I think this song is probably my favourite, just because it takes what I like about the previous two tracks but adds more to it.

‘Heart Mind Soul’ brings it back a little, far more like ‘Rainbow’ but only in the sense of the quality and tone, they are still very different tracks, I didn’t feel like Forsyth was just repeating himself, but it did capture the same kind of feeling which is good on an album. I liked this track, I’m not sure why I like the softer tracks, maybe because they nudge you towards a feeling or a thought rather than pushing you but I liked songs like this that are mellow, maybe because for me music is an escape, but that’s what this song is, a great escape.

‘Stop for the world’ I have a weakness for interesting titles and this one got me before I’d even finished but I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d like this song, clever title or not. It again blended what I liked about the other tracks, the melody and style of the slower tracks but the energy and action of ‘Young Wild and Free’

So that’s what I thought about some of Michael Forsyth’s music, and if you want to check it out for yourself then visit spotify and of course keep up to date with him by following him on Facebook and Twitter.


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