Music Review: Craig White – Demo Tracks

Craig White

Craig White is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, he formerly performed with an alternative rock band called Mellifluous but took departed to pursue his own music. He has released two EP’s ‘Made up Stories in 2012 and ‘Snow’ back in 2016 and today I’ll be reviewing his new material.

‘Just The Two Of Us’ cements the idea that Craig White is a very talented singer, this track is soft and ambient and is just the kind of track I love to just close my eyes and listen to, I like that you can still hear his accent, a lot of performers, especially in Scotland seem to cover it up for whatever reason so its good when you hear it. ‘Just the Two Of Us’ is a sweet little song and the perfect track to introduce me to the artist.

‘Pen Pal Lovers’ has a little more energy than the last track but still keeps the style established in the last track, this isn’t music to lose it to, but music to get lost in. I think of the three tracks this is probably my favourite, something about the instrumental sections, their sweet little melody backing up Craig White’s voice just works really well.

‘Winner-Losers’ has a nice guitar intro, that is crystal clear and is the epitome of everything I liked about the previous tracks, its soft and ambient, not hard but still with a clear impact, you go away remembering the songs really vividly.

So that’s what I thought of these tracks by musician Craig White and You can have a listen to his stuff on Soundcloud and keep up to date with him on Facebook and Twitter.


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