Album Review: Sounds Like Winter – Sticks and Stones

Sounds Like Winter - Sticks and Stones

Sounds Like Winter are a dark Alternative band from Sydney, Australia made up of Ant Banister on Vocals/Producer, Andi Lennon on Guitar/Vocals, Adrian Leppard on Bass and Leticia Olhaberry on Drums.

‘Blood Red’ his a really nice intro that blends percussive and guitar elements to create a really good sound and it leads perfectly into the vocal first vocal section, I’ll admit the style of the vocals wasn’t what I was expecting after the style of the instrumental but it certainly grabs your attention and I really enjoyed it. I’d really like to hear this track live, so here’s hoping they do a UK tour.

‘Sticks and Stones’ is the title track of the album and as I’ve said before that means, at least to me that it needs to be something special and it certainly manages that, the intro to this song has a darker edge to it than the previous track, a little slower and a little heavier but still really enjoyable, something to truly experience. Again strong and distinct vocals that compliment the instruments really well.

‘I Hide in Sleep’ much faster paced especially after the last track, kicks things back into gear and really builds well, it was at this point in the album that I really started to appreciate the sound of Sounds Like Winter, its well composed and professional but not overly produced, it sounds real and organic and that’s something that I really enjoy.

‘Impossible Dreams’ has the speed and energy of the last track with some of the heaviness of ‘Sticks and Stones’ it blends the best parts of these tracks really well to create a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable track. I imagine that this track especially would be great live, and it has some really top notch drum sections as well which you’ll enjoy if you like to hear that sort of thing.

‘The Life of the Just’ Following on from the last track, a really good drum section for the intro, not too heavy but really helps to build the right level of intensity which is carried on by the vocals, this is a band that clearly understand each other and complement each other well.

‘Television Dream’ has my favourite intro so far, something about it just gets you all fired up, its that even that its heavy but something about the bass parts and everything else just gets you pumped up, and again I’m really impressed by the unique vocals of the band.

‘Gritar’ Another track I’d like to hear live, its something that’d get you moving, I listened to it while continuing my ill conceived attempt to get fit and while I can’t quite run without getting out of breath this song is great for motivation and really gets the blood pumping.

‘Plastic’ changes things up a little, it doesn’t initially sound like the other tracks although the vocals are very in keeping with what I’ve heard so far of Sounds Like Winter, but just because it’s a little different doesn’t mean it’s not good. I think what’s different is that the instruments seem a little more muted, but that could be a recording issue, and like I said its nothing that takes away from the track itself.

‘Beasts of England’ is an interesting song title and a very enjoyable track, its very punky, and the vocals are different here, but again that difference helps to keep things fresh and I really liked the change. I think this track is one of my personal favourites on the album.

’New Hebrides’ has an intro that combines guitar and drums really well, it’s a nice song to end on because it’s not too slow, but certainly has a kind of winding down feel to it.

So that’s what I thought of Sounds Like Winter and and their Album ‘Sticks and Stones, you can check out the album on bandcamp and if you want to keep up to date with the band then check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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